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Event information

Event information

News of and "we get on pleasure boat" Hokkaido stamp rally 2018 end

Hokkaido Passenger Boat Association (November 1, 2018)

"We got on, and pleasure boat" Hokkaido stamp rally 2018 was finished on October 31. Thank you for your much application during period. We perform fair lottery and ship premium to elected candidate at the end of November.

Blue box ferry de car 13,150 yen! (iza ★ 150 years)

"Campaign commemorative for Hokkaido naming 150 years!" <6/1~9/30>

Blue box ferry linking Hakodate to Aomori by daily round-trip 16 flights carries out special discount plan, car 13,150 yen (iza ★ 150 years) for "Hokkaido naming 150 years" until ~9 30 days a month on June 1!

(but except 8/1 - 8/20)

As a small number of people becomes Aomori ~ Hakodate route low, please use very advantageous blue box ferry by all means!

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      Blue box ferry

Advantageous reduced fare (accommodation training group 50%, high-speed crewman ship fare 30% OFF, summer vacation parent and child 30% discount, etc.) Haboro shore ferry

Offer reduced fare that is most suitable for the training and camp, trip in families in Teuri Island, Yagishiri Island; again. It is "accommodation training group reduced fare" 50% discount, 30% of "high-speed crewman ship fare" OFF, "summer vacation parent and child discount" 30% discount, "rent-a-car set discount" 20% discount for a limited time and advantageous contents.

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Haboro shore ferry

We look forward to by advantageous plan (Taiheiyo Ferry)

We look forward to by advantageous plan (Taiheiyo Ferry)

"Early reservation discount" is advantageous fare to become up to 50% of OFF by reservation, the purchase until 28 days before embarkation day. (Internet reservation-limited)

"Cruise pack" is advantageous plan with morning buffet which Japanese-Western style taste can enjoy!

"Car plan" is customer-limited plan with car between Sendai - Nagoya!

"One-way full pack" is advantageous plan that all meals were bundled!

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Taiheiyo Ferry